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CAROSEL™ washers


CAROSEL® washers are specifically designed for the use in production cells where  high output combined with reduced foot print and load and unload from the same side are required.

They are therefore ideal for cleaning components in the mechanical industry and in particular in the automotive and the aerospace.

The typical cleaning process of the Carosel is based on wash-rinse-dry by means of water based detergents. Anyway, machines can also be configured for just wash and blow-off offering a high level of cleanliness and output, thanks to the double cleaning action: when moving through the sprays and at the index for critical points.

The Carosel family is composed by four different types

Carosel 100 rotary platform

Carosel 200 single chain conveyor

Carosel 300 twin chain conveyor

Carosel 400 palletized conveyor


Reciprocating tunnels

While in the linear tunnels the parts are moved through the process from the load to the unload, in the Reciprocating Tunnels the parts are repetitively moved at each stage and then returned to be unloaded. They are therefore suitable for the use in production cells.

The name is clearly derived from the movement impressed to the parts at each stage and repeated as many times as necessary to achieve the result.

Parts can also be indexed for cleaning specific points, holes or flushing conduits.

The reciprocating tunnels are used in the automotive and aerospace industry for the precision cleaning of parts, such as shafts, engine heads and cylinder blocks, steering parts, fuel injectors and many others.

Carosel ®

In the Carosel washers the process is always active and parts are washed while passing through or stopping at the index.

Spray and drying are more effective and faster.

They are extremely flexible and compact, in all configurations and for all applications: "rotary table" or " fixtured chain conveyor" or "palletized", with manual or robotized load and unload,

for medium up to an incredibly high output




Linear Tunnel

Reciprocating Tunnel