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CAROSEL 400 palletized conveyor

Automotive USA - Hydraulic pumps - output: 2 pieces every 8 seconds

The CAROSEL® 400 combines the reduced footprint and compactness with the very high flexibility for cellular manufacturing with high output.

The palletized system allows to wash one or more parts at a time, also of different shape and dimensions, and the exact indexing ensures the jets and air blows are perfectly oriented to the critical areas.

Carosel 302 - wash and drying -

precision cleaning of aluminium steer housings.

The photo shows the electric enclosure on the rear and the operator interface at the load zone.

The "energy saving ventilation system" captures fugitive vapours without extracting calories.

The Reten-Mist separates the fine mist generated by the condension of vapors


Detail of the load/unload zone

one pallet is entering the wash zone, while another pallet with two parts is in standby at the index.

Precision indexing allows the use of a robot for loading and unloading.

Deatil of the spray zone.

The pallet with two parts at the index.

Parts are washed while moving through the jets and at the index, with precision nozzles at the critical points.

Flat pattern nozzles from the top and the bottom.

Detail of the rear side

The tank with the vertical pump by Grundfos and the minimum level control with cutout.

The inspection cover to access the basket filter




Carosel ®  200 and 300





Unique for compactness, reduced footprint and easy to use, this machine is the result of a deep know how in the field of cleaning combined with advanced technologies.


CAROSEL® retains vapours, without doors and ducts, carries out wash-rinse-dry processes and is compact, performs precision cleaning of automotive hydraulic components with an output as high as one piece every few seconds.

If necessary, it can be even loaded and unloaded with two or more pieces, contemporarily.


Depending on the application, the machine can be equipped and configured with precision filtration, oil separation, a sump pump to drain out, and other facilities for easy maintenance and intensive three shifts operation.

The control panel with selection and monitoring of functions is based on a touch screen HMI.

complete video available on request
Carosel 402

performs wash - dry process .

Carosel 403

performs wash - rinse - dry process