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CAROSEL™ 300 twin chains fixtured conveyor


The CAROSEL® 300 is designed for parts with dimensions and/or shape not suitable to fit the Carosel 100 or 200.

Parts are stably held on the conveyor which consists of two parallel chains with fixtures.

  Cleaning of steer racks at VW Braunschweig  

The conveyor is designed to carry the parts through the process with indexed movement controlled by the PLC with monitoring of functions and alarm for unexpected stop or fault. The gear motor is protected by a torque limierand the speed is adjustable within the ratio 1:3.  The index time is also adjustable.

 The Carosel 300 can be configured according to the custopmer's requirements from simple configuration for wash and blow off up to multi stage process with load and unload assisted by robot

Carosel 300 for quenching and washing steer racks

The output is one part every 9 seconds.

The racks are manipulated by a robot from the previous cycle to the load of the Carosel.

The Carosel 300 provides the quench of the racks at controlled temperature, by means of air blow through seven steps, with gradual reduction to 400°C, followed by water spray, with final wash and drying.

Another robot provides to unload the carosel 300.

in service at German manufacturer of steering systems


Carosel ®



Carosel ® 200 and 300


Unique for compactness, reduced footprint and easy to use, this machine is the result of a deep know how in the field of cleaning combined with advanced technologies.


CAROSEL® retains vapours, without doors and ducts, carries out wash-rinse-dry processes and is compact, performs precision cleaning of automotive hydraulic components with an output as high as one piece every few seconds.

If necessary, it can be even loaded and unloaded with two or more pieces, contemporarily.


Depending on the application, the machine can be equipped and configured with precision filtration, oil separation, a sump pump to drain out, and other facilities for easy maintenance and intensive three shifts operation.

The control panel with selection and monitoring of functions is based on a touch screen HMI.

complete video available on request
Carosel 302

performs wash - dry process

Carosel 303

performs wash - rinse - dry process