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CAROSEL™ 100 rotary table


The CAROSEL®100 rotary table is designed and equipped for intensive productions and applications.

It combines the simplicity of construction with sophisticated functions granting full reliability and high performances, even in extreme conditions of use.

CAROSEL® 100 is not only a high output washer. It is also an "operator friendly" machine with ergonomic design and features dedicated to prevent all the drawbacks arising from an intensive use, very often at the origin of accidents.

All the operations are controlled by PLC with HMI (Human Machine Interface) for complete monitoring of functions and the process.

For long technical life the machine is designed for easy retooling and without fixed connections, so that it can also be easily moved to another cell.

Carosel 103
Carosel 102


Carosel ®




Unique for compactness, reduced footprint and easy to use, this machine is the result of a deep know how in the field of cleaning combined with advanced technologies.


CAROSEL®100 retains vapours, without doors and ducts, carries out wash-rinse-dry processes and is compact, performs precision cleaning of automotive hydraulic components with an output as high as one piece every few seconds.

If necessary, it can even be loaded and unloaded with two or more pieces, contemporarily.


Depending on the application, the machine can be equipped and configured with precision filtration, oil separation, a sump pump to drain out, and other facilities for easy maintenance and intensive three shifts operation.

Not requiring fixed connection the Carosel 100 can also be moved, even on wheels.

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Carosel 102

performs wash - dry process with precision filtration or oil separation. The control panel is based on a digital display.

Carosel 103

performs wash - rinse - dry process with precision filtration and oil separation. The control panel with selection and monitoring of functions is based on a touch screen HMI.